WeKer Space 998 Base Is Put into Operation

Publié le:2018-09-21

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(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) On September 6, the Launching Ceremony of WeKer Space 998 Base was held at the 998 Park (No. 998, North Zhongshan Road).


The WeKer Space 998 Base put into operation that day covers an area of nearly 2,000 square meters, and is equipped with 12 independent office spaces with a capacity of 4 to 30 people, and nearly 40 open work stations and seats. Public spaces including meeting rooms, negotiation rooms, multi-functional spaces for roadshows and activities, and the distinctive garden terrace are all available. It is the second and also the largest base of WeKer Space. WeKer Space 998 Base not only provides dwellers with flexible and comfortable office environment, but also offers professional and efficient entrepreneurship services, day-to-day work services, and financial support for venture capital investment incubation, striving to become a one-stop entrepreneurship ecology-sharing community. It is learned that 998 Park is a precious headquarters-style cultural innovation park for work in the center of the city with cultural innovation enterprises and film and television media enterprises as the main body, supplemented by supporting businesses and maker spaces. As the first enterprise residing in 998 Park, “WeKer Space” focuses on providing entrepreneurs with relevant software and hardware technologies, and all-round services including designing and marketing support, aiming to build a financing-friendly venture capital investment environment for entrepreneurs. In addition, “WeKer Space”, as one of the places for intensive registration in Jing’an District, can provide entrepreneurs with convenient business registration service.


The reporter has learned from Jinggong Group that in recent years, Jinggong Group has been actively promoting the construction of the “Jinggong Innovation” brand, and multiple park projects have formed a certain degree of brand effect. In the future, the group will further integrate the resources inside and outside the park, promote the medium of “Jinggong Innovation” park project in an all-around way, perfect the service system of the park, enhance the market influence of the “Jinggong Innovation” brand, put lots of effort into developing and cultivating the cultural innovation industry, open up the upstream and downstream industry chains of the cultural innovation industry, give play to the leading function of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises over the upgrading of urban functions and industry services, and enhance the contribution degree of regional economy, to build “Jinggong Innovation” a platform service integrator and a comprehensive management operator with abundant medium resources, good business environment, and scientific and effective management.